Julianne Jones



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When This Day Comes

Lily's parents had left everything that was loved and familiar to travel to a distant land ... could she do the same? Read More

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To A Distant Land

Wrongly accused and sentenced to seven years transportation, Katie Donovan is not the only one leaving behind everything familiar to travel to a distant land... Read More

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To Rise Above

Katie, Samuel and Rhiannon have settled into a distant land but soon their faith will be tested beyond anything they had ever imagined... Read More

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To Await The Dream

Their dreams have come true ... or have they? Katie accepts Samuel's proposal but when he is wrongly accused it looks as if all their dreams will dissolve... Read More

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The Scent Of Rain

It rained the day Damien proposed. A gentle falling rain that carried the salt from the ocean and released the scents from the nearby flowering bushes... Read More

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