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Welcome to the official website of Julianne Jones, Christian author, sharing God’s love through the written word for teens and teens-at-heart.

I’m excited to announce a new trilogy: A Day For You. The first book, When This Day Comes, has just been released.

For those who loved the Distant Land series, When This Day Comes introduces new characters along with those previously loved. However, no prior knowledge of the well-loved characters in the Distant Land series is needed to enjoy the story. Purchase here.

Since COVID-19, shipping from New Zealand now often exceeds the cost of the book. For this reason, international shipping apart from to Australia is no longer offered as an option. However, should you wish to purchase a print copy, please contact me and I will respond with a quote for shipping which you are free to accept or reject.

All books are offered as eBooks (follow the link under each book on the purchase page).

Thank you to readers past and present who have responded so well to each book.


Julianne Jones

Recent Release

When This Day Comes

Lily's parents had left everything that was loved and familiar to travel to a distant land ... could she do the same? Read More

Previously Published

The Scent Of Rain

It rained the day Damien proposed. A gentle falling rain that carried the salt from the ocean and released the scents from the nearby flowering bushes...Read More
The Scent Of Rain

Distant Land Series

To A Distant Land To Rise Above To Await The Dream